load cell ZSW-30t

รหัสสินค้า : MT0055


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Dimension, Unit: mm

CAPACITY (t)                    H         H1       H2        H3        C1      C2      C3      C4     C5

10,15,20,30,40,50,60          200      150      140        12       83.5     64      43.8    M8     99


Accuracy:                                       C3                          Cable length:      cable between load cells: 7m

Repeatability:                                    0.01%F.S                                           Bus cable to indicator: 20m

Creep error (30 min):                    0.02%F.S            Cable Color code:  +Excitation Blue

TCO:                                                   0.015%F.S                                            -Excitation Black

TC SPAN:                                         0.015%F.S/10°C                                     +Signal     White

Data refresh frequency:                   10 HZ                                                       -Signal       Red

Baud rate:                                           9600BPS

Operating Temperature:                  -30°C-+70°C                      Features:

Safe Overload:                                   150%F.S                            1.Reliable anti-rotation, be with good stability

Rated Excitation:                              9~12V DC (20V Max.)   2. Higher combined accuracy, good performance of

Insulation Resistance:                      5000MΩ                              anti off-center load error;

Material:                                              Alloy steel, stainless steel 3.Protection class can reach IP69K

Communication mode:                    RS 485                                 4.Be equipped with aviation connector, dual output

The max. signal transmission distance: 1200m                           channels, not need junction box

Seal Type:                                           IP68, IP69K                      5.Be with good performance of anti surge, can be applied

                                                                                                                  Into different environment

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